Wireless Networking Solutions Providers in Dubai-UAE

Greens Is the one of known Wireless Solution provider in UAE We offer wide range of wireless solutions in vertical of Hospitality, Education, Public Areas like Parks & Stadiums and Enterprise with optimum security and detailed monitoring. Our wireless Network solutions are designed for accessing the enterprise application and data and it makes way for new businesses by getting access to voice, real-time information, company databases, email applications and the other critical information.

We Provide Guest WI–Fi Solutions to:
1. Hotel Guest Wi-Fi Solutions in Dubai, Abu Dhabi
2. Cafeteria Guest Wi-Fi Solutions in Dubai, Abu Dhabi
3. Office Wi-Fi Solutions in Dubai, Abu Dhabi
4. Concerts and Events guest Wi-Fi Solutions in Dubai, Abu Dhabi
5. Wireless Telephony Solutions Providers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi

Wireless Communication Solutions Providers in Dubai

Greens is not only a Telecom Whole Sale Retailer or service provider, We are your technology Solution Providers & Partners we Manage your all IT & wireless requirements, With greens now you can enjoy wireless telephony, which will be connected to your office or home Telephone system-IP PBX, you can connect your telephone system – IP PBX, and enjoy great quality of wireless communication.

We provide solution for malls and buildings that complement your infrastructure.