Managed Services

While you are busy managing your business and clients, we manage your IT systems. We provide round-the-clock support and troubleshooting for your IT issues at a reasonable monthly fee. Outsourcing managed services maximizes your company’s efficacy by allowing you to focus on your core business instead of IT issues.

Managed Service: Technical support and maintenance provided by our company. Instead of hiring a third-party to manage updating your software, technical failure and server management, we provide you with these services. This ensures that you have constant and accessible service instead of having to waste time and money waiting for technical issues to be resolved. A service- level agreement (SLA) is signed between our company and yours which stipulates the terms and services, in order to outline what services, we will be providing you.

Some of the services we provide are:

Information services: Includes software upgrades and maintenance, network operation, network management, data back-up and recovery.

IT Outsourcing: We outsource our resources to help you with day to day IT needs or mission critical IT Project roll outs to help you achieve your goals at affordable cost. Our IT outsourcing help you increase your productivity at less cost and less risk.

Communication services: Providing telephone, videoconferencing and Internet services.

IT Annual Maintenance Contract Services: We offer AMC services and solutions designed with proactive approach. We take comprehensive AMC’s for your Entire IT Infrastructure. We have dedicated department for ticket generation and incident handling.