We deliver wide range of solutions under ELV namely Access Control, Audio Video, Conferencing Solutions, Private Theaters with 4K projections and so on. 

CCTV Systems: In today’s hectic society, CCTV has become the lynchpin of modern security, Whatever your industry, security cameras can improve security by continually monitoring areas, or by selectively recording certain events. You can have them installed on the exterior of your offices or buildings to prevent break-ins and capture evidence or you can have them installed in the interior to help keeping safe your employees and assets.

Access Control Systems: Electronic access control restricts entry and exit for a variety of locations inside your facility, including entrances, lobbies, storage closets, roof access areas and more. Specialty locks, from wireless and magnetic locks to biometrics, work through a centrally managed access card system that logs every entry and exit attempt, so there’s evidence of unauthorized intruders requesting to gain entry to restricted areas. GREENS design and install access control systems according to the customer’s security needs.

Video Wall: Video Walls are essential to any control room or command center. Our video walls will allow you to stream and record information and videos, share data and monitor critical situations in a smooth and efficient manner. Whether you have a single-operator station or multiple sites, we will provide you with real-time responsiveness and secure service that will improve collaboration between the members of your team. Video walls will keep you fully informed of the situation(s) at hand, allowing you to make better decisions. In addition, we provide you with products known for their reliability and round-the-clock reliable customer support Our solutions are highly secured, reliable and designed to work 24×7 with the following technologies.