Backup & Disaster Recovery

Today 90% of the business bank on digital information and their core need is Business Continuity. Thus we give our clients system of plans, exercises and steps that are taken to ensure that your business continues to function as smoothly as possible when any crisis happens.

A business continuity plan consists of:

Analysis of current system: the current system is analyzed to determine gaps in security of your company’s information. Gaps between the current system capabilities to back up information and the current amount of information to be backed up is analyzed.

Disaster Planning: we plan for a crisis that could affect the continuity of your business. By planning for a crisis we see what would be affected in the event of a crisis, and take steps to ensure that as much information as possible is backed up. In addition, a recovery plan is made, and a recovery team is assembled.

Employee Education: we instruct your employees on what a crisis is, and what the plan of action is when a crisis strikes. This is to ensure that each employee is doing all that they can to prevent loss of data.

Recovery: our team will provide immediate assistance and support to ensure that your business runs with as little interruption as possible in the duration of the crisis.